"I am fortunate to have White Coat Captioning supporting me. My captioner, Norma Miller, is accurate, fast, and reliable. Norma is the best, but she is an even more amazing person. She really cares, and that is what makes working with her such a great experience."

— Colin Hill, University of Virginia School of Medicine


A Scribe's Story 
University of Vermont Communications

Collaborative for Communication Access Via Captioning

"Being a hard-of-hearing student, having professors with heavy accents is always a nightmare. It's hard enough to hear professors that speak without an accent, so those with accents, especially very difficult ones, always make it near impossible. Having White Coat Captioning -- Norma and the other transcriptionists -- available made my life ten times easier! I no longer had to fear having professors with accents because I knew that I would have help, no matter what. I was honestly surprised at how well everyone did with the heavy accents and I seriously do not think I would have managed without them! Even the most difficult mumblers with heavy accents were nothing for them. I could never thank her enough for getting me through what I consider one of the most difficult times in my life."

— Yasmeen Khaskia, Ross University School of Medicine

"When White Coat Captioning started captioning my lectures in my second year, I noticed an amazing difference. All of the energy I had been spending on hearing the words, I could now spend learning the material. Norma Miller has made an incredibly positive impact on my medical education. Not only has she made my life so much easier, but she has done so in a kind and professional manner. She blended into the classroom atmosphere and allowed my classmates and professors to quickly become comfortable with her presence. In fact, classmates who sat behind us often commented that they read over our shoulders to get information that they too had missed. She is intelligent and adaptable to any situation, which inspires confidence in her and her abilities. Her captioning is highly accurate, with very little delay. She is passionate about her work and is a great advocate for equal access for all. I consider myself lucky to be able to say that White Coat Captioning is my CART provider."

— Alycia Reppel, M.D., UVM College of Medicine

"I first learned about CART when I was repeating a course at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and I have to say that I am forever grateful for Norma and her team of captioners. Since using CART, I never have that “left-out” feeling anymore and never left the classroom wondering and confused. I was able to “listen” word for word what all of my professors were saying, especially the foreign professors. My grades have significantly improved and my knowledge and confidence have improved as well. Upon transferring to Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine, I had to make sure that I would have CART because I wasn’t going to transfer without it. Luckily for me, Norma and her CART team were able to follow me to Iowa and are still helping me to achieve my dream, one day at a time."

— Megan Wilson, Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine

White Coat Captioning is a team of talented, competent CART providers, capable of covering a wide variety of topics. Best of all, they are flexible and enthusiastic. A true pleasure to work with. Without their help I would not have been able to follow along in my graduate courses at the University of Vermont.
— Sarah
I had trouble understanding the words coming out of my professor’s mouth through an American Sign Language interpreter in Pathophysiology. That all changed when I requested a change from ASL to CART. Then, Norma came in as the replacement and immediately, she proved to be the difference maker in my comprehension of this notoriously difficult subject. Despite the professor’s fast-talking nature, I was more than impressed with Norma’s expertise for speed and accuracy. I would brand her highly recommended for anyone who expects masterful CART deliverables with impeccable quality and execution.
— Alex Lynch, University of Vermont
Thanks so much for coordinating and providing me with the Remote Real Time Captioning for my brother’s Medical School Graduation last Friday. I truly felt like I was able to attend and fully participate equally in the ceremony. The captioning provided was both accurate and fast which allowed me to applaud with everyone else and laugh with everyone else. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that.
— Joshua L., University of Rochester Commencement