Norma Miller

Norma Miller


Norma, President and CEO of White Coat Captioning LLC, and Director of White Coat Captioning UK Ltd., is a Certified CART Provider, Certified Broadcast Captioner, and Certified Realtime Captioner.

Norma received a degree in Court Reporting cum laude from Champlain College. She passed the RPR exam (Registered Professional Reporter) before graduation, and immediately secured a position as Official Court Reporter for the Vermont State Courts. She enjoyed a satisfying career as a verbatim court reporter in the state courts for 13 years.

In 1993, BBC Television was recruiting in the United States for qualified court reporters to join their staff of broadcast captioners. After a lengthy application, testing, and interview process, Norma was one of two people chosen to join their team. But first she had to be retrained.

The BBC sent her to a two-week boot-camp-style personalized training session at the National Captioning Institute near Washington, D.C. Then she flew to London to begin working in their studios, where she and her colleagues captioned live news, current affairs, and sporting events. She remained there for 15 months, and then rejoined her family in Vermont.

Upon returning to Vermont, Norma was engaged in freelance court reporting. In early 2007, she decided to focus exclusively on CART and captioning. In the ensuing years, Norma envisioned a high-end niche captioning firm concept that took a different approach to captioning. She formed White Coat Captioning, and became the first captioning firm to focus on and specialize specifically in jargon-heavy topics such as medical school and technical conferences. 

White Coat Captioning has now become the industry leader in captioning software conferences, and medical, nursing, veterinary, and graduate schools. It has a strong reputation for excellence among the tech giants as well as with smaller technical conference organizers and medical, nursing and veterinary schools. The company is in high demand for events large and small, all around the globe. 

In 2017, Norma expanded her operations to the U.K. by opening White Coat Captioning UK Ltd.