Captioning for Tech Conferences

We transcribe tech conferences in realtime at up to 260 words per minute. Our captioners are intimately familiar with the complex language of the tech world, and are capable of keeping up with even the most rapid-fire speakers. 

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    Transcripts allow for a searchable record of your conference, can be easily edited via crowdsourcing, and make great raw material for captioned videos.
  • Live captions can be superimposed onto PowerPoint slides, given their own screen, and/or accessed via web browser on any smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Captions can be provided to attendees in the room, to other rooms of the venue, to remote attendees, or even to the general public, depending on the requirements of the conference.
  • Up to 20% of people in the United States have some degree of hearing loss.
  • Captioned English is much more accessible to speakers of other languages than spoken English alone.

Success Stories:


We've provided live captions for:

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Norma and her outstanding team came to our rescue after a suboptimal experience with a provider that was ruining everyone’s experience. Not only did they provide state-of-the-art live captioning for a very technical and challenging topic, but they were able to arrange their schedules and put everyone to work with just a few hours notice. The audience couldn’t believe such an improvement was possible mid-conf, and that greatly reflected on our image. If this was possible overseas, imagine what Norma and her crew are able to do on-site.
— Josep Jaume, FullStackFest
White Coat Captioning Team at PyCon2018

White Coat Captioning Team at PyCon2018

Captioning is vital for speakers and attendees with hearing loss, but also useful for visual learners, people who speak other languages, or anyone who might experience a moment of inattention.
— Mirabai Knight
Seeing other conferences include [captioning] as a default made it an absolute ‘must’ for us... I always say with our conference elements, ‘make it great or don’t do it.’ Once I’d done my research and we’d committed to CART, there was only one way we could go.”
— Adam Brault, Founder of software company &yet