As stenographers, words are our business. We are word nerds. We love words!

Some of us love medical words more than others. Some perfectly great captioners who can handle legal or news or undergraduate school vocabulary with aplomb, for example, just don’t perform as well with medical jargon. Many choose not to.

With the advent of the Americans with Disabilities Act over 20 years ago, students with hearing loss have received proper accommodation all throughout their grade school, high school, and undergraduate years. A growing number of people who were formerly excluded from graduate and professional schools (medical school, dental school, veterinary school, etc.) are now ready and able to shoot for the stars. These students need and deserve captioners who are specially trained and experienced in these fields.

There is a place for us med word nerds, and we at White Coat Captioning are here to fill that niche!

We are the medical terminology captioning specialists. We are an ever-expanding team of highly skilled, energetic, and caring captioners who are adept at medical terminology and the demanding environment of medical school classes. We work daily to provide the very best remote and onsite CART and captioning service for the white coat professions. We place a premium on accuracy in the realtime environment, thus minimizing any need for after-class editing, and ensuring quick transcript delivery for students who have extraordinary demands on their time.

We have built a solid reputation for excellence. We have years and years of day-in-and-day-out experience in captioning medical, veterinary, and dental school classes. Some of us have been through medical school three and four and five times already. Many of the students we have served, and their faculty, have jokingly suggested we ought to be taking the medical board exams by now.

But our real talents lie in writing the words to help our medical students with hearing loss to excel and to attain their dreams of becoming doctors, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, veterinary technicians, and more.

That is why we have created White Coat Captioning.