Captioning To Meet Any Challenge


No other company specializes in the kind of work we do, and when it lands in their lap, they’re often not up to the task. We seek out the captioning jobs that terrify other companies: High stakes, high speed, high visibility, and the highest possible standards of accuracy.



"Came to our Rescue"

Josep Jaume, Fullstackfest

"Norma and her outstanding team came to our rescue after a suboptimal experience with a provider that was ruining everyone's experience. Not only did they provide state-of-the-art live captioning for a very technical and challenging topic, but they were able to arrange their schedules and put everyone to work with just a few hours notice. The audience couldn't believe the improvement."

"Proven Track Record"

Adam brault, &YetConf

"Initially, &yetConf considered the services of a local CART provider. But after listening to recommendations from a deaf engineer, they learned of a specialized remote CART provider with a proven track record in the tech community. "I always say with our conference elements, ‘make it great or don’t do it,’ said Brault.” Once I’d done my research and we’d committed to CART, there was only one way we could go.”

"Accurate, Fast, and Reliable."

Colin Hill, University of Virginia School of Medicine

"I am fortunate to have White Coat Captioning supporting me. My captioner, Norma Miller, is accurate, fast, and reliable. Norma is the best, but she is an even more amazing person. She really cares, and that is what makes working with her such a great experience."