Remote CART

Using internet streaming technology, participants can log into a site and read captions on their laptop, tablet, or mobile device from wherever they are! It's a fast and simple process that works well for everyone. In order for this to be successful, we need to establish an excellent-quality audio feed and a reliable high-speed internet connection. We have years of experience doing this and are happy to work with IT and/or AV teams to get this part set up. 


On-Site CART

In this case, a stenographer sets up their steno machine and laptop on a portable stand, and sits next to the individual receiving services. The CART consumer reads directly off a laptop screen. This can be used comfortably for up to two CART consumers.

There is also the option of doing a hybrid of “remote” and “onsite” CART, in which the CART provider is in the same physical location as the consumer(s) -- for example, a large convention or lecture hall -- and sits apart from the CART consumers. The CART consumer logs into a website on their own tablet or handheld device to read the captions. 


Large-Audience Captioning

Captioning for your entire audience has many advantages. Many conference and events organizers tell us that the number one thing that garners favorable feedback is captioning the event. There are a couple of ways this can be accomplished.

If you want the most professional, impressive, and pleasing appearance for your event, authentic television-style captioning is the way to go. The speaker's image is projected onto a 7-foot screen as he or she is speaking, with the realtime captions appearing in two or three lines beneath the speaker's image. This option requires a professional videographer and broadcast-engineering team, who supply a captioning encoder. We have teams we work with regularly to supply this excellent service. 

In the alternative, CART service for large audiences can be done without the speaker’s image displayed behind the text.

One-Stop Shopping

If you would like sign language interpreters for your event, we can also arrange for that. We have developed strong relationships with several ASL interpreters and we regularly team with interpreters to produce the most inclusive environment.