Faster, Reliable, More Accurate Captioning.

White Coat Captioning offers professional realtime captioning services for classrooms, meetings, seminars, and more. All of our captioners are exceptionally well rated for speed and accuracy and have extensive experience with medical and technical terminology. Our rigorous screening process ensures that no underqualified or inexperienced captioners are ever allowed to work for us. One in seven people have some degree of hearing loss. Captioning provides universal access not just to them, but to speakers of other languages, journalists, and anyone who appreciates a written record of events. We offer both onsite and remote captioning services internationally.

Captioning for Medical Schools

Our captioners are intimately familiar with the complex language of the medical world, and are capable of keeping up with even the most rapid-fire speakers. Using internet streaming technology, participants can read captions on their laptop, tablet, or mobile device from wherever they are! More→

Captioning for Tech Conferences

We transcribe tech conferences live, at up to 260 words per minute! Captioning services at your event improves accessibility, allows online participation with minimal tech overhead, and provides an immediate record of each presentation. More→

Captioning for Special Events

Captioning events for large audiences is helpful for more than just people with hearing loss. It improves audience accessibility, engagement, and understanding. We have years of experience captioning college graduation ceremonies, theatrical productions, lectures, comedy shows, and other public events. More→